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Thread: Transmission/Valve body kits

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    Transmission/Valve body kits

    I'd like to rebuild my 2001 4R70W valve body (in my 94 SC) because it's shifting sluggishly and having odd hickups. I replaced my 1994 unit in 2013 but when I did I moved the old 94 valve body and sensors over thinking they'd work fine. I've been babying the transmission from 3rd to overdrive as it has a weird lag/hesitation. Once it's in overdrive it's good. The fluid color is still quite nice four years into this newer transmission. The 2001 unit had 4000 miles on it according to the wrecker and it was really clean inside.

    Looking for suggestions on best brand valve body rebuild/shift kit. Planning on going with brand new sensors (recommendations on those would be good too).

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    J-mod is what most people do for the valvebody below is an article that can be found on tccoa with how to do it.
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