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Thread: 91 SC pulls 504 rwhp on the Dream Crusher

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    91 SC pulls 504 rwhp on the Dream Crusher

    From a recent visit to SCU Nov 10-12 when new converter and stainless brake lines were installed, some repairs were made and finally some more dyno tuning. This car just doesn't like the methanol injection, even after changing plugs, nozzle size, coil pack and DIS module we were still getting some mid range stumbling when methanol starts spraying. I'm using Autolite XP103 iridium plugs gapped at .028"

    On race gas tune it made 504 rwhp actual and 490 rwhp corrected
    On street gas tune it made 493 rwhp actual and 482 rwhp corrected

    1991 SC AOD 4.2..2.3 Whipple..........10.910 @ 125.61
    2016 SRT Challenger Hellcat...............707HP/650TQ

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    I updated you on the list! it actually left you in the same spot lol
    93 SC Red Auto 111k
    2013 Shootout Bracket ET First Place
    2015 Shootout Car Show Honerable Mention
    2016 Shootout Mod-1 First Place
    4.2, 2.3 Whipple, 3.73s AOD
    307rwhp 12.70@107.2 (MPX)
    395rwhp Whipple 11.741@117.5mph

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    Those are nice results Dave.

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    That's some sweet numbers!!.

    I had no luck with the iridium plugs, I run the autolite 103's copper core gapped around .022-.024 with the meth injection.

    But I'm not making near as much power as you.
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