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Thread: Over bore ?

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    Over bore ?

    Anybody have experience with a 0.02 over bore ? What pistons did you get ? What pistons size would I need. First time with an engine that needs to be bored out .so I'm a newbie lol.sorry I know this is stupid to ask such a broad question

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    Best to have the block bored and honed to the pistons. So if the bore cleans up with a .020 over bore order your pistons and have them hone the block to final size. Different piston manufacturers will have different piston to block tolerance. Chose a piston that meets your needs -goals. No advantage have forged pistons for a stock rebuild

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    Yeah I'm not really going ape ~~~~ with the build just a cam a ported blower port matched and polished heads headers and a pulley. It's for a ranger prerunner project I have.thanks for the information and reply

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