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I'm also beginning to think the mechanic who transferred the old shock to the spring and mount aligned it incorrectly. I tried both struts on the passenger side, and once I got the 3 studs in the holes in the engine bay, the holes on the bottom were lopsided with the control arm. They lined up vertically, but were lopsided horizontally. Needless to say I'm a bit ticked off; I was hoping to get this done by tomorrow (I actually have to go to the hospital on monday), but since the mechanic is closed tomorrow I guess it'll have to wait another week. Would there be a safe way for me to change the alignment of the strut mount/spring by myself?
Mount the shock at the top and just leave the bottom end hanging loose. Loosen that big nut as much as you can, leaving a thread visible. This is to relieve a bit of the tension on the spring. Then take a long screwdriver or pry bar, place through both holes, where it mounts to the control arm, and twist until it lines up. Thats actually normal.. Then as far as the through bolt going through the shock bracket AND feeding through the bushing, use your jack to raise the arm until 1 side lines up.. insert the bolt and tap on it to get it about 1" along the way.. use your jack to adjust until the other side lines up and tap the bolt on through.
When your' done with all that, then tighten up the topside nut until fully seated, and then the 3 nuts holding the assembly to the wheel well.