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Thread: 3.8 Block Differences between years?

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    3.8 Block Differences between years?

    I have an engine out of a 1990 SC that I am refreshing to put in a 99-04 mustang. I am using Split Port Heads with a windstar intake, and a small turbo. I plan on using a roller from craigslist when I find one in good enough shape to use (not much for sale where i live right now). Does anyone know of any differences in 3.8 blocks between my 90 SC block and the one that would be in a 99-04 mustang? I'm talking about sensors, oil pan, accessory bracket mounts that may be different.

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    The only difference I'm aware of is the V6 Mustang had intake runner controls, which you've got covered with a Windstar intake, but there could be some sensor locations or whatnot on the Windstar intake/heads that vary from the Mustang setup. Same goes with the transverse vs. longitudinal arrangement in the engine bay. But I believe the block itself is virtually unchanged from the early 90s up to 2002 or 03 (whenever the Windstar died).

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