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    I'll just cut to the chase here: what do I need to do/get to be able to swap SN95 hubs onto my 89? Reason is, I've got bead leaks on two wheels and the tires are pretty much gone, and I'd like the ability to put whatever wheels and brakes I want on the car. Seems there's more out there for the SN95 than there is for the MN12 in terms of aftermarket stuff and fitment.

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    Prices are old; some part numbers may have been changed; but here's a great starting point:

    Also, consider in advance what size wheel and what you may want to do for brakes; with a swap to the SN95 pattern, there's a lot more front braking options (canonical is the 2004 Mustang GT PBR upgrade, but there's several other possibilities) and with the relocation brackets, the Cobra rear brakes.


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    '93 spindles and this link:

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