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Thread: Merry Christmas

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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all you SC, XR7, MN12 freaks out there. May 2018 be Awesome for one and all.
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    Happy Holidays!
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    merry christmas to all..

    merry Christmas to all and please keep in mind what today is really all about.. The birth of Jesus Christ.. with that in mind lets all give something to Him and also to our fellow man.. Say you are sorry, give a little extra, maybe go out of our way to help someone out.. These are things we all should do and today we should try even harder to make someone happy...
    May God look down at all of us and find it in His heart to help each and every one of us in our daily life and bring us all good health, peace, and a great S.C. year for ALL of us... Put aside all your bad feelings and try to make this a better place for everyone and maybe a few more S.C.'s into new and better times at the track.... one can only hope...Merry Christmas to all.....Rich
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    Merry Christmas to all you guys and gals.
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    Merry Christmas!
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