First come first served! These were hand-me-downs and left-overs, so sizes are very limited. Doesn't appear any of these were worn and all appear clean.

All shirts are $25/each shipped. All proceeds to go towards the SCCoA and SC Shootout, based on the shirt. Please PM me with what you would like; if still available, I'll let you know how to pay for the shirts and ask for an address.

SCCoA shirts in black, sizes S and M, quantity 1 each. Also in navy blue, size S, quantity 1 only.
Name:  SCCoA 1 shirts.jpg
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SCCoA short-sleeve shirts in white, sizes M, quantity 2. Also short-sleeve in grey, size M, quantity 1 only.
SOLD - SCCoA long-sleeve shirt in white, size S, quantity 1 only.
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SC Shootout 2015 shirts, sizes M, quantity 3.
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Moates men shirts, size L and XL, quantity 2 each.
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And finally, for the ladies - quantity 1 Moates women's shirt, size XL.
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