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Thread: Needing help because of death in family

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    Needing help because of death in family

    Good afternoon , I am new here because my son in law died in a carjacking and his wife wants me to try and find new owners for his 2 sc's. I do not know any info on these cars other than I think 1 is a 91 and the other is an 89. 1 blue with sunroof, 1 red with sunroof. My SIL bought these cars with the intention of restoring them . I DON'T KNOW IF THEY RUN OR NOT BUT I do know they have little to no rust all body parts are there and all glass is uncracked. I am hoping for some help in finding someone close to the Kinston NC area who could come look at the cars and perhaps guide me in a fair asking price for them. She doesn't want to just call the auto recyclers because I do know these cars are fairly rare and He did drive to George and also Tennessee to buy these cars. Both have complete ,as far as I know, motors in them . He was a serious Ford guy and also has 3 SHO's as well as a fox body Mustang in his yard he was working on. If any one is in this area and willing to help me my email is . I hope this is ok posting my email address as I am not often online but my phone does notify me when I get an email. Again , thank you so much for letting me post.

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    You came to the right place to ask about the cars. We're the kind you're looking for who want to preserve these cars. They'll either live on as whole cars or their parts will go to other's projects. Slight chance the previous owners might even hang out here. I see posts referring to "that was so-and-so's car" quite often. That is a difficult life changing event for the ones left behind to say the least. God bless your family - good luck here.

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    That's terrible. Sorry for your loss. Hope you can find homes for the cars.
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    Sorry for your loss. I'm no expert, but I am in New Bern....

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    I am feeling sad for you and I am sorry for your loss.

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