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Thread: Free 95 sc 5sp to whoever comes for it.

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    Free 95 sc 5sp to whoever comes for it.

    Got a thunderbird SC sitting in my shop for the past 4 years. I havnt had time to put any work into it so I need to just get rid of it. First people to come haul it away can just have it. I donít want it to go to a king yard as I do really enjoy these cars. I can text or email some photos if need be. 971-227-0861

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    Caledon, Ontario ... CANADA !!!
    Should also post yout location to help folks decide if they can make this happen or not ...


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    his other post

    says its in washington state

    my bad, portland oregon

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    Just got home from picking this up. Thank You very much, kind sir!!.

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