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Thread: Finally Another SC for Me!!

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    Finally Another SC for Me!!

    Hello everyone! I got myself a SC this week and I am Super Excited to have 1 again!
    It was a 7 plus hr. bus/train ride there for the car and after first seeing the car, then sitting there scratching my head after listening to it~ and then stressing if i would be able to make it home ok on my 5 plus hrs. of driving back on the highway.... I decided of course I would take it and made a deal.
    The interior is Very clean.
    The oil had not beed changed since 2014 and had 5k miles on it and was super black. (walmart oil sticker on window). Front end needs a little work, car idled like crap (later discovered a intake hose was 1/2 off, prob from motor jumping up with the busted motor mount. After I got home the battery had acid all over it and then when I put the volt meter on it it showed way overcharging at 18.35 Volts while car was running Yikes!!.. So I got a new battery and had my alternator rebuilt by the specialists and is all good now. I cleaned and flushed the coolant, radio/cassette player and CD player were not working prob because of the alternator overcharging but are working now. Climate blower motor was making some annoying noise when running so I removed it and cleaned lubed and reinstalled and it's good now.
    It passed Calif. Emissions smog EASIlLY and all I had done so far was spray the m.a.f.s. clean and put a new cheap air filter on it.
    Im Constantly trying to do something to improve it and next will be removing the air silencer, changing spark plugs/wires, get a overdrive pulley and the belt for the supercharger and also remove the air silencer. Then go to the suspension right when thats all done.
    I really like this car and will add it to afew of my cars I can't sell. I know how rare these are becoming.
    This car was not abused at all but neglected lately. The car is accident free, original awesome paint (somewhere under there) and has all the vin decals on the fenders, trunk lid, hood, front end and rear end. They all match as they should.
    About 13 years ago I had a 91' auto. SC with afew upgrades and even though a automatic I~ had a blast driving it. This 1 I just got now is bone stock for now, a 93' with a 5 spd., a sunroof (always wanted another SC but with a sunroof ) and has low mileage at 78k. Its a Cali car, clean, (under carriage looks like if its never been jacked up in the air and looks like not a single bottoming out, no scrapes etc.. under there. I'm very happy it has the potential to be mint as I continue to not sleep and work on it all day and night lol.
    I look forward meeting others with SC cars, especially if they live down here in the so cal area.
    I do have afew tech. questions but will save those for the correct forum.
    Thank you, Bill

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    Welcome back into the Super Coupe Brotherhood! Throw some pics up when you can.
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    I tried posting acouple pics but was getting a error, ill try again later.
    The car is red with gray/black interior. Also, I am having the windows tinted tomorrow and I spent hrs. yesterday detailing the interior and It is now cherry :-)
    Thank you.... and that is 1 Super NICE Tbird you have blown38.

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    That sounds another fun project. Enjoy

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