Just bought my very first "project car" and I must say in the short couple of weeks of researching, I have decided I think I'm going to really enjoy being a Thunderbird owner. I brought home a 1990 SC fully stock with 83k miles on it.

A brief history (from what I know) of the car is that I will be the 3rd owner and the car has literally sat in a yard under a tree for the past 8-9 years. I detail cars, and a buddy of mine picked it up a couple months ago and brought it to me to clean up so he can sell it. The engine would hardly stay idle at first but once 5 gal of new fuel was added it seems to run great (I drove it about 3 miles round trip to the car wash and back to my garage). After removing old, faded, peeling and bubbly window tint, cracked plastic window visors, and hideous "Thunderbird Super Coupe" sticker across the front windshield is when I really started to fall in love with the car. I continued to detail the black leather interior at which point I approached my friend about buying the car from him. I still didn't fully understand that I was the soon to be owner of an almost 30 year old classic that can be considered to be one of the last true "off the line" muscle cars produced in America.

After a few weeks of educating myself, watching lots of YouTube videos of SC owners and their cars, and continuing to detail and clean my new SC I must say that I am really looking forward to owning this car and bringing it back to life.

I hope to change the fluids, empty the gas tank, change spark plugs and wires, add a new aluminum air intake and get this thing on the road.

I have not yet quite decided what I want to do with it - go as near stock as possible and just clean it and hope for a steady increase in value based on classic status in 2 years and completely bone stock in almost perfect condition low miles OR slowly start to mod this thing out into a bad ~~~ street machine??