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    Wink My SC

    Hey everyone! After owning my SC for 5 years, Iíve finally decided to become a member. Iíve spent countless hours searching this forum for pretty much everything. From first trying to get my SC running again to now just finding random stuff to do to it

    Back in 2013, I went to my uncles house to get some parts for my 66í Fairlane. In the midst of it, I turned around and saw a black Thunderbird. My dad had an LX I wasnít too fond of, however this Thunderbird had ďTHUNDERBIRD SCĒ embossed on the bumper in white. This peaked my 13 year old mind. I went up to the car, saw it was a 5 speed, then went to check the mileage and saw it had a boost gauge. Ever since that day I was hooked

    Over the years, Iíve gotten the SC to where I want it. It had sat for 5 years before 2013 due to a busted harmonic balance and only had 6k miles on a rebuild. My uncle (who is very into SCs) bought it for 450$ with the balancer snout stuck in the crank. I bought it for 450$, got it running with a new BHJ, redid the audio system, had the upholstery redone, body work and paint (perks for working at a body shop). Iíve had the Teves system fail on me once, shattered the output shaft and busting a chunk off the tail shaft housing doing a burnout, and driving it 300 miles to Spokane with an oil leak to see my girl.

    I was always into documentation with this car. My uncle had known this car since 1996 and before that this car has the chance of running drugs across WA state. I have a photo of it back in 02í, Marti Reports done (high option, black with titanium leather, 5 speed, sold at the local Ford dealer here, and was special ordered). I also had the personalized stats done which say this is 1/68 built. Iím glad I stumbled across this SC and saved her.

    My SC is a lot better than what I started with, but itís far from perfection. Iím only 18 but I anticipate having this car till the day I die.

    Lemme hear what you guys think!

    Thanks for reading!
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    Welcome to the forum from Spokane! Very nice car. Saw your Marti bunch of options. Over this way let me know.

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    I would say you are a glorious owner and an inspiration! Great looking SC. Keep pouring on the love. (and the front end is going to need serious work.)
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    Welcome to the club and great to have you! Great looking car!

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    I love the before and after...mine looked that bad for awhile too. lol I like those wheels - they're not something you see very often!

    I've yet to paint it, but it's in sound mechanical shape, at least.
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    Welcome to the club!


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    It looks great man. Paint job is tight. Reminds me of bringing a shelter dog home and giving it a new life.

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    Welcome ! Nice looking SC.

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    Keep up the good work. Sounds like you're having fun. You're taking me back to my youth tho with those wheels . Those wheels are absolutely period correct. I remember seeing them at tire shops. Mustang GTs and Supras were hot but Super coupes/tbirds were for ballerz. All you need is the Kenwood pullout radio and giant Kenwood windshield decal ...triple limo tint. My boy had a clean red LX and would call girls from in front their house in his car with his Sprint PCS "digital phone" ..good times

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