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Thread: Thunderbird Owner nationwide support network idea

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    Thunderbird Owner nationwide support network idea

    on of my other hobby is motorcycle riding. I belong to a motorcycle forum just like SCCoA, one of the services provided with my membership is an access to a nationwide support network.
    Members who are willing to help out and can provide any type of support, to include but not limited to, tools, space, lodging etc., can choose to list themselves as a reference on the site. In the event that a fellow rider is needing assistance during a trip, she/ he can reach out to ask for help.

    Our cars are requiring specific tools, knowledge etc. As a community we have fantastic members such KMT, XR7 Dave, just to name a few, that provide the knowledges to fix our cars. Unfortunately, more than often without the specific tools, parts, etc.. the project does not get done properly. In some cases, it may even be leading to the car being parted out.
    Several of us have accumulated various rare tools( i.e superstarII , EVO tool,..) and manuals required to work our cars. Loaning a tools for a fee is a common practice. However I think most of us we would be willing to help, but I do not think we would be comfortable to let any of those rare tools out of our sight. At least I'm not.

    Would anyone be interested to have a menber address book look a like with the location and level of support available to the menbers? Something worth considering?

    Just a thought.
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    I think it's a great idea...especially for during travel to events like the Shootout, Carlisle, the Epic Drive, etc. or for a new owner purchasing and driving their new SC cross-country.
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