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Thread: Cracked SC Heads

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    Cracked SC Heads


    I am new to the super coupe scene, I just had to tear my motor down because a lifter went bad so I thought I might as well pull the heads and do the gaskets at the same time. The machine shop told me I have cracks in the combustion chambers, but the heads did pass the pressure check. Is it normal to find cracks in these heads? Will they be ok if i re use them? I’ve had cracked combustion chambers before on a different motor and people told me that it was normal on that car and to use the head as long as it passed pressure checks. And have had no problems with that motor so far.... I’m wondering if this is the same case? Has anyone had the same experience? Thanks for any and all advice!!

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    They do tend to crack between the seats and usually do not leak water there. It's best to drill the crack out and pin it, but that's up to the shop doing the work.
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Size:  395.4 KBOk, good to know! The cracks are in between the valves. I will ask them about possible repairs. Name:  BB486770-7DE2-4D69-8882-8FBC4364FC3A.jpg
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