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Thread: Replacing Clutch. Recommendations please???

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    Replacing Clutch. Recommendations please???

    hello, i got a 1989 mercury cougar xr7. the car has been parked for quite a while now and im getting ready to give it a whole new make over replacing a list of items one being a new clutch because mine started slipping a good bit before i parked it. Im looking for any recommendations on which clutch to get for my xr7. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Brandon

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    Try Mine was slipping too and I called Bill Evanoff at super coupe performance and he guided me through the different options they offer. I am assuming you will be upgrading the engine as well. Hope this helps.

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    Centerforce Dual Friction. Great street manners and it will hold up at the track regardless of how much horsepower you have.


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