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Thread: Finally found and fixed my fuel leak.

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    Finally found and fixed my fuel leak.

    First I want to thank David Neibert for coming over and assisting--I couldn't have done it without him.

    In this past, I always assumed that the fuel leak was coming from the hat gasket--this was due to the fact that the entire stock of hat gaskets at local Ford dealer had a visible pinhole in them. I later replaced that gasket with a new one, and I still had a leak when I topped off the tank. This time I left about 3/8 of a tank of gas in the tank when I lowered the tank down--having a lift and transmission jack made this possible. We were able to tip the tank enough to surround the hat with gas and get it to leak, which revealed that the solder/brazing around the return line was cracked. The crack was barely visible.

    Normally, I would have taken it to work to have it repaired, but I didn't have time. I bought a replacement pump assembly from AZ and swapped my fuel pump over to the new hat assembly. I had to buy a new fuel sock/screen for my pump because the old one was laying in the bottom of my tank (it had broken off my pump). Who knows how long I've been running without one. Dave stuck around long enough to pump the tank back in and I will button up the car as soon as possible. I need one good test drive before next Thursday for the Epic Drive.

    Thanks for all of the previous suggestions on possible causes.
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    Right on. Sorry I didn't have one here.

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    They all do this. Unless you have one of the later stainless steel versions, they are pretty much guaranteed to leak. Glad you found it. All the autoparts store ones are furnace welded, not lead solder like the original ones so you won't have any more problems with that.
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    Kurt I had the same problem a few years ago and swore it was the hat gasket. Crappy solder joints caused it. I am actually considering using an 8an bulkhead fitting and eliminating the massive pinch point in the fuel system at the hat, since I am running an 8 an feed line anyway. I may try to do this before the Shootout. I re soldered my return and feed connections with lead core solder and a propane torch its pretty easy to do and only took about 5 minutes once I had it in my vise. The 6an fittings on my fuel rail are actually soldered on also but with silver solder.

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