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Thread: Livelink Gen II Incorrect file format message

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    Livelink Gen II Incorrect file format message

    Has anyone run into an issue with Livelink Gen II suddenly not being able to open BE2012 generated files? I used to open BE files no problem then one day nothing? I can open old datalogs generated from my SCT tuner for my ranger but when I try BE files I get an Incorrect File Format message. I uninstalled and re-installed..same deal. I tried Livelink 6.5 and it opens the file but is missing fields like injector duty. BE has it's own thing but I was kinda getting used to Livelink II. I even tried installing livelink gen ii on another laptop..same deal I put datalogs on a thumb drive and could open SCT files but not BE. It's just weird. Old files I know for a fact I've opened no longer work. Any ideas?

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    I've gotten used to the BE datalog viewer, and I have a copy of LL 6.0 on my laptop that will open anything. Sorry that's not too helpful, but it's what I've done.
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