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Thread: Who makes the best half shaft for the sc

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    Who makes the best half shaft for the sc

    Just curios if one manufacture is the best supplier for sc half shafts. Thinking about replacing mine since I have the rear suspension out. Looks like aftermarket upgrade half shafts have come and gone.

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    DSS makes axles that will hold up to 1500hp, but they are very expensive, and really only required if you are putting down lots of power or launching with drag radials on a 5-speed and repeatedly breaking axles. All the aftermarket stock replacement axles from the parts stores are junk, so if you have one that is just worn out, you are honestly better off with a good used one than an aftermarket replacement.

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    Just for knowledge out there.

    The dss axles use stock inners parts.

    I dragrace my V8 cougar, on the stock axles, I kept breaking the outer stub. Three times.

    I switched to dss axles, they were good for three years.

    A better torque converter and a bluprinted stocker (O/SA) engine, it broke the inner stub.

    This was probally due to wheel spin, then the tires hooking.

    But it still broke.

    The axle is fixed with from the many spare axles I have.

    But it damaged the mini spool as well.

    After all this nonsense I just wrote, My opinion would be for a full time drag racer, go with a solid axle

    with ladder bars or 4-link.

    Street driven do what your wallet allows.

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