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Thread: The 10 best things about #theepicdrive!

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    The 10 best things about #theepicdrive!

    1 No matter where we go as a group everyone sticks together pitches in and helps out with anyones problems.

    2 Hellcats can be driven in the rain.

    3 Chuck Fulmer is more hardcore than anyone! He can burn 12qts of oil on the way to the #theepicdrive and still run the dragon 4 times smoking out bikes and killing bugs! (I'd have been out after 2 qts)

    4 Chris Gates is an excellent traveling companion! Just don't let him drive in the mountains or you will be terrified..

    5 Chris Wise is a hell of an event organizer!

    6 It is possible to load you're SC down with beer and tools and rip through the mountains all day but you're stock rotors will be toast when you are done.

    7 Don't make bets with Chuck Fulmer that involve go kart racing or you will loose!

    8 It's possible to take a low 11s built sc on a road trip without use of ball powder!

    9 Anywhere you go the the brotherhood and fellowship of the sccoa/tbu/mn12 family is just as strong as ever! It's always a guaranty you will have a good time!

    10 sc road trips are a blast! #theepicdrive will force you to fix all the stuff on you're car that you should have fixed years ago! It made my car 10x more enjoyable and I am not scared to drive it anywhere after this!

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    I'm not going to list 10 things because many would be duplicates, but I will add:

    1) Bringing my entire clan was memorable. Having all 3 kids in the car during the heavy cornering might have been an issue, but Tony agreed to let Kolton ride with him all weekend. Thanks Tony.

    2) I should have check how thin my front brake pads were before I left, but I learned how extremely easy it is to change pads on 13" Cobra calipers (a buddy installed them in his shop years ago). Thanks Will for the use of your driveway and tools.

    3) My transmission cooler is very good. I was concerned about my 3200-3500 non-locking converter and all of the heat generating hills. The temperature never made it above about 195F and mostly stayed below 180F. Of course, the lack of engine braking made coming down a bit interesting and might have been a bit unnerving for the people in front of me. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the cooler would keep up when the ambient temperature is 90 or above when climbing the steep long hills.

    4) Thanks to everyone that pushed my car when my 10 year old optima battery stopped my car in the middle of traffic.

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    Kurt K (e-mail)
    SCCoA Member #: 443
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    . . . . . . . . . -- 13.547s @ 101.01 mph, only w/ bolt-ons
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    I've got 5. In no particular order...
    -The dragon can make even a retired Ford Engineer want to convert his car to a manual.
    -Jacob Royer's story about hitting hippies with his deer-slaying Mustang may be the best thing I've ever heard
    -For driving 2000 miles in 4 days, not much is better than an MN12, except maybe a Hellcat.
    -Other than Ira's cooling fan issue, all of our 20-30 year old cars were able to drive anywhere and get us all home!
    -Apparently if you say "Hey, can I give you $50 to borrow your boom lift real quick?", some people will say yes!

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    1. Seeing all the SCCoA, TCCoA & TBU people is always a good time....especially the first night in the parking lot.
    2. Those Fulmer boys crack me up. Smoke screen SC, Edward 40 oz Hands, FaceTime moonshine shots, and creative driver names at Go-karting. The future of our club is in great hands.
    3. Offering the hot mayo challenge for $ to a kid who actually likes a mouth full of hot mayo was not very smart. Good job Kaleb K.
    4. Me and Kathy drank lots of beers that weren't Bud Light.
    5. Watching horse racing while consuming a few pichers of Margaritas on Cinco De Mayo was different.
    6. Hellcats don't melt in the rain.
    7. Tail of the Dragon is almost as much fun as the road leading to tail of the dragon.
    8. Alpine coaster was a blast
    9. Dust Devils that fill your hair and car full of dirt and grass can suck it !
    10. The Event Drill Sergeant (Chris), and his sweet wife (Rebeca) did an awesome job planning this event and we will be back next year (with an SC if I can get the AC reinstalled)

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    More pictures....

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    1991 SC AOD 4.2..2.3 Whipple..........10.910 @ 125.61
    2016 SRT Challenger Hellcat.............750 rwhp 720 rwtq

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    10. Loved the Alpine Coaster - you don't realize how fun sitting in a plastic sled doing 27 MPH is with a handbrake!
    9. Love the SC/Bird family we've built over the years. The camaraderie, stories, and just general want by others to pitch in when needed is unreal!
    8. Amazed that these 25-30 year old cars are still going strong. Every time I do a trip in the SC (Kentucky, Dragon. . .) I get worried. No need!
    7. Neibert is one cool dude (Which we already knew) for throwing me the keys for the Hellcat. That thing is insane - music to my ears!
    6. Chris can put together an incredible event with almost no outside help, and Rebeca is amazing for dealing with it!
    5. I wish I lived in the mountain area for some of those roads. The Dragon was great, but just as good were the roads nearby. Some of the best roads I've ever been on!
    Then again I do like having the supermarket within 1 mile of my house, so there's that. . .
    4. The Kreisz's were great having Courtney tag along here and there. Everyone was so welcoming to her!
    3. Go-karts. Nothing more needs to be said.
    2. Can't wait for next year.

    And most importantly -

    1. Daddy/daughter time!

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    The good = What everyone else already said, plus, that feeling when 4000 lbs of Super Coupe takes 218 turns in 11 miles all in second gear, and the help you get when something goes wrong, and the help you get when multiple things go wrong and the help you get when something serious goes wrong!

    The bad = not being to able to make it to the final stop with everyone else. But there's always next year!!

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    I like that 20% of your list involves Chuck Fulmer by name.
    1990 Anniversary 5 speed: Built 4/90
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