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Thread: Unsure which car to buy for my first SC. Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    Unsure which car to buy for my first SC. Any thoughts would be appreciated


    So I've been searching for a SC for several years and have never brought myself to pull the trigger on a purchase until now. I have been able to find two different birds that seem like good deals, but I'm not sure which one I should purchase. The first option is a 1989 automatic that will crank over, but will not start. The seller is saying this car had a rebuilt motor and that the odometer reads 70k. This seller is asking $1,000.00 firm and the body/interior look to be in good shape. The other option is a 1990 anniversary edition with the stick shift. This car runs, but needs a new accumulator or possibly the motor that the accumulator is attached to (seller wasn't clear). The body was just painted, but the interior needs to be replaced down to the carpet. This person is asking $2,000.00 for this car. I'm just not sure which one I should go with, my year of choice would be a 93, but I can't find one within 500 miles of me that isn't destroyed by hail or rotted out. I'm looking forward to hearing any thoughts.


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    I would buy them both, and use the non-running automatic as a parts car to fix what is wrong with the anniversary stick shift. Also, a 5-speed anniversary car is pretty rare.

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    What's your budget?
    How good are you at making repairs?
    Where are you located - maybe the forum could help you find other options.

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    Because of the age of the cars and the likelihood of major systems failures (suspension, brakes, headgaskets, transmission, etc), I recommend increasing your budget to $4000 and buying one in excellent condition that needs nothing in the short term. If you do this you will enjoy the car and realize why you love it. If you buy a clapped out P0S for $1-2K you will find yourself in over your head with repairs and will not be out enjoying the car and instead dumping money into a worthless car. Do yourself a favor. There are plenty of really nice ones out there that have led pampered lives in the $4-5k range.
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    XR7 Dave has the best advice I've read on here in a while. I bought a 94SC in 2012 with 78K on it for $3800. I've had to fix a few things including a wasted transmission but have really enjoyed the car for the last 6 years. I've put about $2200 into the car and it's my daily driver. If you look closely online you'll find a gem somewhere.

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