So, the SC I bought in March hadn't been tagged since 2014. I have repaired the obvious problems that I knew about; bad harmonic dampener, crank & cam position sensors, belts, hoses, batteries, oil & filter, and coolant. I've now had it insured and tagged for a week, and it's managed to be my daily driver all week without any major hiccups (the cam position sensor started acting up on the way to get it inspected, but hasn't given me any problems since). Since it has been sitting so long, there are a few things to address, and a couple that the previous owner didn't disclose. It has some suspension clunk on the front passenger side, and a squeak on the drivers side, needs the brakes looked over (pads looked decent, but the rotors are grooved), the TV cable adjusted, trans service, and the correct speedo gear. This isn't including the other "non-essential" stuff it needs (fix the cruise, trunk release button, rear defroster, headliner, trunk repaint, carpet cleaned or replaced, etc). That being said, I now remember why I love these cars. This is my 4th MN12 (1st SC, so a little adjustment), and even with the suspension rattles, and work that it needs, it is still a car that I want to take out and drive, just to drive. I love the blower whine, the low end grunt. I'm even not hating the automatic seat belts, though they are taking a little getting used to again. The plan with this one is to make it my daily driver, and work my way to ~300whp out of it.