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Thread: Writing story about SC for Hagerty

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    Smile Writing story about SC for Hagerty

    Hi, I am a writer for Hagerty's website, working on a story about the SC. I would like to interview someone who knows these cars inside out and also owns a stock or at least stock-appearing SC (any year). The interview would not take more than 30 minutes on the phone. I'm on East Coast time but can be flexible with time of day for West Coast people. You can read what I've done for Hagerty here:

    I've always liked these cars -- 30 years ago I attended the media intro at the Ford Proving Grounds.

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    I've owned my 1st SC since 1994 and currently have 3 SCs. There are others on the site that do know more than I do about these cars, but I'd think I could do a decent job for you. My current cars are linked in my signature, along with my email.
    Kurt K (e-mail)
    SCCoA Member #: 443
    '92 SC AOD -- 11.521s @ 116.748mph, 2.0 AR power
    . . . . . . . . . -- 13.547s @ 101.01 mph, only w/ bolt-ons
    '95 SC 5spd -- All Stock, except 17" Simmons wheels.
    '90 SC 35th Anny 5spd -- 3rd owner, 16k miles
    2 '89 XR7 5spd's -- on their way out, really!

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    I've owned a 1990 35th Anniversary Super Coupe since 2008. Mostly stock, it was lowered when it came to me. I've replaced the sound system, swapped to a different ratio supercharger pulley, gone thru the entire brake system, upgrading where possible, and as an ex-ASE certified car/truck mechanic, I've done my best to make new where time has taken it's's a long list - my maintenance~work tracking document is 239 pages w/2,500 photos, so far.

    Owned many Ford cars/trucks over the years, including...'85 T-Bird Turbo Coupe, '86 Merkur XR4Ti (Lincoln/Mercury actually), '68 Cortina GT 2-liter converted, written up in Road&Track, just to mention a few. My SC is my 2nd car these days, not driven much, 110k on the clock, I'll treat it to fresh injectors, plugs/wires next week.

    I wrote the 'Supercoupe Buyer's Guide' in 2008, maintaining it online since - the current version has just been posted on SteemIt: - suggest reading in nite mode, but may require being logged in.

    BTW, you'll need at least 10 posts before you can message w/other users here - In the mean time, my email is - I'm located in Salem OR.

    FYI, the person here these days w/the most SC hands-on/knowledge is most likely Dave Dalke aka XR7Dave.
    Bill Evanoff ~ (Super Coupe Performance) ...helped me get up to speed when I started the buyer's guide.

    Good luck w/your article - always nice to see the SC get coverage.

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    Looking forward to the story! Can get you photos of a 89 and 95. Paint is far from perfect. Other than radios/spoiler they are stock. Thanks
    Creighton Spokane, WA.
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    Jim Sanderson is a wealth of information and has a low mileage car. If you don't get with Kurt then I would get with Jim.
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    Hardcore TBU #5 (in tow)

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    SC article is up...

    Thanks Jim!

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    Nice job on the article very well written.

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