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Lots of times over the years. Used to be someone here that did it, but those days have passed - search on: abs pump motor rebuild ...or just... abs pump motor

Basically it involves:
- Removing the unit from the car and the pump from the unit
...don't break anything...
- Rebuilding the pump by cribbing in fresh brushes and end seal
....end seal must be EPDM, brake fluid safe - searching here should reveal a part number for a honda seal that some have had luck with
- Reinstalling the pump to the unit and the unit into the car
...pump end drive needs to be indexed; best to bench bleed before installing...search here on that process

Good luck.

It's obviously a real P I T A!

I think my next step is to replace the entire unit with a non-ABS version from a Crown Vic. I was told that this works and with far better reliability.