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Thread: 1989 SC in New Jersey - FREE

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    1989 SC in New Jersey - FREE

    Hello. I have a 1989 SC Red Exterior Gray (I think) Interior, Automatic transmission, sunroof, not sure on mileage. It has a blown head gasket and some trans issue (I think the rebuild kit is in the car). I am in PA. Car is at a friend's in NJ.

    I'll have to make sure the engine is all there, but would anyone be interested? I'd rather give the car to someone who will ATTEMPT to get it running again then part it. I unfortunately can't keep it any longer.
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    Where in NJ is the car? What kind of shape is the body in? Any rust?

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    I"ll take it off your hands

    I'm in Trenton/Hamilton NJ area, can get it towed soon! If Mike doesn't snatch it up of course
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    hope someone saved it.
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    I never heard anything back on it.

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