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Thread: Shootout

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    I'm finishing the timing....system....job on our Navigator right now (it's been down since November ) The SC hasn't gotten much attention, but needs a little bit trouble shooting to get it to run just right at WOT. Last I drove it, it would still cut out at WOT...feels like a spark issue.

    I also need to check/adjust the hot valve lash. I've not been driving it much at all until that is done. I think I've put about 100miles on the new motor since I got it running last fall.

    I did get the fuel leak fixed, I think.

    We're moving to our new house over the next month, so the SC might not get much attention until we are moved and most of the other vehicles have been fixed. I've been driving Danielle's anniversary to work for the last couple of weeks and it's really got me missing mine!!
    Matt Haub
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    I just bought another house. So after closing I will be moving then juggling two house payments until the old place sells while still working crazy ot and trying to do some work on both houses lol. So hopefully the old house sells quickly so I get that off my plate. I really don't have alot to do to the SC. I'd like to do some tuning at the track but may just have to wing it on shootout day lol

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    Registered and Booked our room today. Looking forward to seeing everyone !

    1991 SC AOD 4.2..2.3 Whipple..........10.910 @ 125.61
    2016 SRT Challenger Hellcat...............707HP/650TQ

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