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Thread: Denver SC's

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    Denver SC's

    In times past I've asked around to find SC owners in Denver area. Now that I've moved here I know why there aren't any. My 94 SC auto was living it's life in Oregon loving the 300 foot ASL elevation. Nice dense cool spring air - vroom. Now that I'm in Denver at 5280 this car is a dog. It's still got some pep but it's sad to watch a modern Ford Explorer pass me while I have my foot in it. Sigh...

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    Welcome to the Mile High City!

    I just noticed your post. I don't get on the forum much these days. But I've still got my 94 5sp. I've lived here all my adult life, so I guess I'm used to it.

    Some mods from Supercoupe Performance really helped my car. Exhaust, intake, raised top, 5% superchager pulley, and 5% jackshaft pulley. Seyfer Automotive in Arvada does all my work for me. They're the best, and they really know about Ford performance and SCs.

    I really don't care about 1/4 mile performance. I want to be able to pull the big hills in the mountains. The SC is a GT car, and for me, it's all about high speed cruising!


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