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Thread: 1995 SC 5 Speed Minnesota $5500

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    Post 1995 SC 5 Speed Minnesota $5500

    Dreaded this day, but knew it would happen. Had a baby so time to sell my pride and joy. Need it to go to another enthusiast.

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    I know you think you have to sell the car but don't. You won't likely be able to find another/get it back again. Not trashing the car or the sale thread but your car is only worth $5500 to an enthusiast here on SCCOA that is willing to pay that much. We've had discussions like this before. There will be naysayers but even the 95 - 5 speeds aren't worth that much (in dollars). However, that being said we love these cars. Keep your baby and raise your baby. If you don't you'll settle for less money. I've got three daughters (one left the house two teenagers). You will make enough money to support the baby. You might never get your 95 SC back if you sell it. Having children requires compromise - I get it. But to sell the car and get it out of the driveway you'll likely compromise on selling price and some kid will trash it a month after they buy it.

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    Is the car still available?
    Do you have any pictures of the interior and engine bay?
    Any modifications to the engine/driveline?


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