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Thread: Parasitic battery draw, checked all fuses & alternator

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    Parasitic battery draw, checked all fuses & alternator

    I have a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII that has a constant battery draw of ~ 0.2 Amps. I have removed all fuses one-by-one and the draw never changed. I also disconnected the alternator with no change. What should I try next?

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    Check the glove box light. That was the source of a drain on my SC a long time ago.

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    Glove box light was the culprit on two of my cars another was the center console storage light staying on.

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    Mine turned out to be the map lights on the mirror were on full time. Hard to see during the day when doors closed unless you make an effort to check - not sure how they work on your Lincoln, but my '90 SC has a small rocker switch for each one, and the lights shine downwards.

    Does your Lincoln have an aftermarket alarm or stereo?

    How are you checking draw? Inline DCA meter with the battery positive, or negative?

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