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Thread: 18 inch spare

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    18 inch spare

    looking for a mustang spare tire, i have big brakes in front so gotta be 18 inch spare.also i saw something about the 2017 linc mkz has an 18 inch spare tire that will fit our scs? i need one also.i checked around they want........$260 for a spare tire my blk sc 94 sc has stock bolt pattern, my 95 has mustang bolt pattern with 18in rims and cobra brakes.

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    Unless you have 14" rotors, there's a very good chance a 17" spare will fit, and it will be much easier to find.

    The 2000 Cobra R used a 17" 98 Cobra wheel as its spare. I'm not aware of a space saver spare that will clear 4-piston calipers, though there's a chance that the spare from an Evo 8/9, STI, or a 350Z with the Brembo package might. I've looked into that but haven't been able to find a clear answer.

    However, if you're only using 2-piston calipers, a 17" Mustang Cobra spare should work.
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    I picked 1 up on e bay 18" for $110.00 for a newer mustang, because i run 18" with cobra brakes also.

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    I picked up a pair of 17inch spares today at the pick n save from Ford Five Hundreds...plain to use them as skinnies on a poor mans budget.

    I run the Cobra Stamped PBR Calipers and a 13inch rotor.
    Was 50% off day at pick n save ...15$ for the pair.

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