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Thread: Broken Harmonic balancer

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    Broken Harmonic balancer

    I have an 89 SC w/ 152,000. The harmonic Balancer Sheared off leaving the aluminum nozzle on the end of the crankshaft. This happened at approximately 146,000 miles. I had a local shop remove the remaining nozzle as well as the bolt that was broken off in the end of the Crank. He replaced the balancer with a part form Dorman's and the bolt came directly from Ford. After 6,000 miles, the balancer sheared off a second time. Has anyone experienced this before? Is this a case of a faulty part or a symptom of a larger problem? The engine runs smoothly and doesn't seem to have any issues. Unfortunately the replacement was done almost 2 years ago and the mechanic will not warranty the work. Any ideas how to remove the nozzle from the end of the shaft?

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    The Dorman replacement balancer is the issue...they are not recommended by anyone who is knowledgeable about the SC platform.

    On the 89-93 SCs the powerbond balancers are the suggested replacement that work and are well built.

    PowerBond Premium OEM Replacement Harmonic Balancers - part number is PB1530N.

    Summit and O'Reilly Auto parts sell them. I got mine for 90$ shipped with a coupon code via OR website.

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    You can remove the broken piece from the end of the shaft very carefully with a balancer puller if you CAREFULLY drill three holes (every 120 degrees) in the materials left on the crank. Once you have tiny holes drilled you can carefully insert a screw in each hole and extract the broken balancer. There's a good descriptive thread around here somewhere. I was trying to find it but haven't stumbled onto it yet.

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    This is the one that I'm running on my 89:

    I've only had it on the car for 4 months, but I haven't had any issues out of it, and it's a lifetime warranty part. The price has gone up since I bought mine, but it is still under $100.

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