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Thread: Hello from Orlando Florida

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    Hello from Orlando Florida

    I inherited my dad's 89 Super Coupe at the start of this year after he let it sit for 8 years. I had it sent to a hometown garage in Pennsylvania for 3 months where the guys ripped it apart and put it back together as much as they could before I came up for a family event and driving it down to Lorton Virginia, then auto-training it to Sanford. The poor heap has a big TLC bill to fill starting with just cleaning it, figuring out why it's leaking coolant by the water pump, fixing the passenger side window which just jumped the track yesterday, getting a new handbrake cable, new mirror glass... and the list keeps going.

    I need to ask for help about this window though since I have the door taken apart as I type. Where do I go to post for help on here?

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    Welcome to the group, good luck with breathing new life into the 89 SC.

    Can help ya from here...or the Tech Section with the window. What questions did you have.

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    my 95 sc, leaked fluid from the thermostat housing because a previous owner thought an entire tube of rtv would be as good as a .94 gasket, and at the little 3" hose on the bottom of the water pump which I replaced by finding a longer 5/8" hose with a 45 degree bend in it and cut it down. (note had to cut off the factory pressure clamp with a hack saw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Groth View Post
    What questions did you have.
    Oh boy, where do I begin...
    1, Where can I buy a new shift knob? I bought a cheap universal one from Pep Boys and I was expecting to just fall apart on me, and it did. I'm gonna put the old one back on int the meantime, but it's deteriorated down to the plastic from usage.
    2, The supercharger only gives boost once in a blue moon and I want to know where to start looking for issues. One person suggested blasting the waste gate with carb cleaner because it could just be stuck open so I need to give that a go.
    3, The aircon doesn't blow cold air anymore (just cool) and iirc it used r12, right? If so I'm considering an r134 swap.
    4, The Radio has never worked for as long as I've known the car. What size is the head unit and what adapters would I need?
    5, I have no doubt the speakers would need to be replaced too, so what sizes are they?
    6, the plastic cling-on wrap stuff that's on the door pillars, what is it called and where can I get more? mine is peeling away on both doors and it looks like rust has bubbled up at the bottom under the trim. I'm not looking forward to stripping that away.

    Those are the only ones I have so far. I'm sure I'll have more once I start taking things out and putting new things in. I already got a new handbrake cable, center mirror, and passenger side mirror as well as fusor to glue the passenger side window to the sash clips since it decided to just slide out rolling them down two Fridays ago. Hooray. I also need to redo the vent visors since the epoxy has hundreds of little holes in it now allowing water to just gush right on in.
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