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Thread: update on fan

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    update on fan

    Thanks to KMT i found the fusible link for the fan and fixed. Here is what I have,
    Pulled fan and verified both LS and HS fan work
    ran engine and pulled ECT, fan on, replace ECT fan off.
    Got codes 51, from what I read, LS and HS fan come on quick during test. They did
    Replace ECT no LS fan however, I recall that the thermostat is 180 and have not flushed cooling system for a while,
    My plan was to flush system and replace thermostat with 195.

    Does anyone agree that would be a good next move?
    Thanks again to KMT for all the help.

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    Unless you have a chip and can set fan turn-on manually, only use stock 195 thermostat. Try to find one w/a bleed hole.

    Are you comfortable with the correct fill/air bleed process for getting air out of the cooling system when refilling?

    Is the radiator cap new and 16 lb?

    Is the chin spoiler, and skirt below/behind the radiator, in place?
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    J am familiar with the air bleed process.
    However the skirt is missing,it rotted away sometime ago. Will need to replace.
    I will also get a new rad cap . The star will be as you suggest.

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