Hello all. I am new here, I just picked up a 1995 SC auto.

Before I bought it, it sat for 4 years or so. So my fuel pump is rusted and not working, which should be arriving tomorrow.

Once I got a battery in it, I tested all the lights and the headlights, and they were not working. No daytime lights, and no regular head lights.

I pulled the multifunction switch out today, and took it apart.i should have taken photos, but I did not. Anyways. I took it apart and all the contacts were corroded, and one of the sliders was kind of burnt. So I just sanded all the contact points down a bit, so they're nice and flat and clean. And when I put it back in, everything worked! Saved myself $100 on a new switch.

Just thought I'd say hi and share what I learned about my sc.