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Thread: reviving a 10 year mothballed SC

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    reviving a 10 year mothballed SC

    Hi all, new to the forum! I could use a bit of advise.

    Short story...I bought a '90 SC as my first car, brand new, when I graduated college. used it for a few years, at 50K miles decided to store it for my future son. Car was regularly started and spiffed until 2004...when life got busy and it just mothballed it in a garage.

    Son is now 15... and he has the bug.

    Last week, put a battery in her...and with a few cranks she burped a bit... I stopped before she actually started. I gather I should drain the fuel (15 years old) and at least do an oil change before going further. Any ideas how best to drain the fuel (about 1/3 tank)?

    Any idea where to get a service manual... I have a feeling this is going to be a bit of an ongoing resto.

    Thanks for any help!


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    Factory service manuals, EVTMs, etc. can usually be found on eBay...I'd start there. No joy, speak up.

    Death by sitting takes many forms, but the short list when just trying to get it to run includes fuel injectors and wiring, I think. I'd expect the injectors to need to come out and be serviced or replaced. Wiring suffers from corrosion. There are tons of connections involving sensors, modules and grounds...this is where an EVTM is your best friend. Going in to get to the injectors will require handling the upper harness, so you can include wiring/connector inspection of at least that part. Running the codes can help uncover some issues. Sure, fuel, oil and maybe a coolant change would help.

    You can jumper the fuel pump at the self-test connector, but you'll need to free up a fuel line somewhere. I'll assume you grasp the dangers. Might want to pull the fuel filter (right side under the car, near the rear pass.) seat. See:

    Once you get it running, you can work on other systems. I'd not be surprised if the ABS complains and throws lights on the dash.

    Good luck.

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    I'm not sure where you had it stored but if outside or in garage/shed, be prepared for rodent nesting damage. Mine sat for approximately 10yrs and took quite a while to clean up after them.

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