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Thread: Fun thread. 5 things you hate and 5 things you love about your own SC.

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    Fun thread. 5 things you hate and 5 things you love about your own SC.

    1. Long and wide body, especially when lowered.
    2. 94 and up interior, lumbar and bolsters.
    3. ARC button
    4. Variable steering
    5. Large 5 passenger interior

    1. Unpopular=Terrible value.
    2. Lack of big HP potential without changing the basic layout.
    3. Unreliable.
    4. Built in the 80-90 era.
    5. Interior quality.

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    my choice

    1 no one knows what it is.
    2 ride is great when you don't play with it.
    3 drives like a dream and can turn on a dime.
    4 more room than most other cars.
    5 great fuel mileage when stock

    1 parts are hard to find.
    2 trim likes to peel.
    3 no resale value.
    4 you got to spend a small bank account to make it fast.
    5 people still think it is a
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    1) Fits my entire family still
    2) Gets appreciation at almost every show or event I go to.
    3) Loads of fun to drive
    4) Still more comfortable to drive than my daily driver
    5) Uniqueness

    1) obsolete parts
    2) Factory paint sucks and the hood chips easily
    3) undersized factory brakes
    4) interior rattles of a 25+ year old car
    5) Uniqueness
    Kurt K (e-mail)
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    1: One of the best looking cars I've ever seen even if can't move under it's own power.
    2: ~~~ is that a bad steering pump? from the kids.
    3: ~~~ just happened from the kids that can't read SC on the rear bumper.
    4: Wife saying these are nice cars.
    5: At times score on nice used parts.

    1: One of the best looking cars I've ever seen even if can't move under it's own power :-).
    2: Dam'it broke a connector/tab. I was very carefull.
    3: Darn near an EE degree required to sort out the EVTM.
    4: At this point spares few and getting spendy.
    5: No takers even at near free price point.

    Give not a ~~~~ on anything. Enjoying the ride. Great post.

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    1: Sporty RWD Ford that isnít a Mustang (can be had with manual)
    2: Attention I get from everyone that used to own one (or knew an SC owner)
    3: Can buy a whole Supercoupe for cheap (I have 2)
    4: Amazing handling (easy to go 10-20 MPH over speed limit on Georgia roads)
    5: Supercharger and Boost Gauge
    6: (sentimental) My first car was a 1991 Supercoupe

    1: Guessing whatís wrong with the new-to-you Supercoupe you just bought (like the accumulator ball)
    2: Supercoupe-specific parts are hard to find cheap in good shape (bumper cover for instance)
    3: Little things can be hard to fix or replace (spark plugs)
    4: Iíve turned into a parts hoarder
    5: Less than 24 MPG on premium fuel.

    If it werenít for the fact they had manual transmissions, I might have preferred a V8 Thunderbird that gets 25 MPG on regular gas.

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    Whats not to love about them? I hate that I can't drive it all the time.

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    1. Body lines
    2. Rareity
    3. Handeling
    4. Fact that a manual was offered
    5. History of the car including its involvement with the beginning of Ford special vehicle programs.

    1. User retractable power antenna
    2. auto seatbelts
    3. Value degradation of the platform.
    4. Entire teves brake system
    5. moonroof rust issues
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    1. First car that I bought ($1000)...still drive it 16yrs later...just not as much! It's part of the family.
    2. All the things I have learned working on it - from rebuilding the differential to tuning it to run on E85 from scratch.
    3. Filling up w/E85 almost always spurs questions about the car.
    4. The friends I have made thru owning/racing/chatting about it.
    5. Comfortable, perfect size for cruising.

    1. STILL needs painted
    2. Many parts are "worn" due to mileage/years/outside storage...lot of work to get it looking as nice as a low-miles car.
    3. Weak points in IRS
    4. I love/hate the M5R2 - wish there was an easy/cheap way to get something more mainstream in there. It's tough though!
    5. I hate that it's not dependable right now....that's mostly my fault though....maybe I'm just scared to break something again.
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    1) Timeless styling. Body style has aged well.
    2) Visibility from the driver's seat in all directions.
    3) Manual transmission as original equipment.
    4) Roomy interior, leather seats.
    5) Refined road manners.
    6) Yeah this is cheating - reliability. That's right I think these cars are reliable.


    1) Service is difficult. Most systems on the car are overly complicated.
    2) Engine. The supercharger is cool, the 3.8L is a pooch.
    3) Rocker rust. Any car will rust in a northern climate, but these cars rust out rocker panels way prematurely no matter where they are from or how they are used/cared for.
    4) Paint and trim. Paint quality is sup par, and the trim which is no longer available has a definite life span.
    5) People who own them degrade their value and complain too much.
    Quote Originally Posted by Miller View Post
    Ya thats why i tape mine down. People think its bc i dont have a moonroof seal (which is true) but its really to keep my roof from ripping off .
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    The looks, even kids stare and take pics/videos of my black '94.
    Performance, highly modified '94 of course.
    Comfort, stock '90 leather seats are the bomb.
    Ride, once again stock '90 ride is smooth.
    Rarity, you rarely see them around so being the only one is cool.

    Complexity of the mn12/supercoupe platform.
    Bumble bee sound of a V-6.
    Lack of knowledge from others for the cars, is that a Mustang???
    Replacement parts, getting harder and harder to find.
    Rarity, I'm the only one left around these parts with one.
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    1. The styling.
    2. The torque.
    3. The fact that the car gets a lot of attention. Many people have no idea what it is. Others know, but say the haven't seen one in good shape in a long time.
    4. Reliability. I'm actually with Dave on this one. In the 9 years or so since I've had the current engine, I've only had to replace the clutch, spark plugs, and I had a starter issue.
    5. Factory parts interchange. There's just enough to keep things interesting and allow for some nice OEM upgrades.


    1. Weight. No surprise there. Lighter is better.
    2. Small wheel wells. Many smaller cars can fit tires as big or bigger than these cars can. My Camaro swallows 315s front and rear with no problems.
    3. Slow steering rack. There's not a ton of feel to the steering, and there's a lot of input required.
    4. Access for maintenance. The engine bay is 10 pounds of what have you in a 5 pound bag.
    5. Low production volume means near permanent lack of aftermarket support. I'm grateful to all the companies that make parts for these cars, but we'll just never see the number of options the Mustang or F-body crowd does.
    Be excellent to each other.

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