Hey all,
I知 from North Georgia, and I知 relocating to a new storage unit. I have a few spare parts I don稚 really need. The biggest things I知 trying to get rid of are my 2 spare trunk-lids. One of them is a 1992-1997 style, black on the outside, red on the underside (I got it from a u-pull it). It does not have a spoiler. I think I have a spare 1989-1991 style as well (in white), I will send pics if interested.
I was going to put a 1992-1997 style trunklid on my white 1991 Supercoupe, but I never felt like painting the black one I had.
No guarantees, but I may have a titanium 1990 hood.
I may also have a few interior pieces like the plastic that goes behind the front seats and has the small round lights in them (in black). I値l need to inventory what I actually have, but I wanted to post something today to see if anyone may be interested.
Im about an hour North of Atlanta.