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Thread: Boy did Ford miss the boat

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    Boy did Ford miss the boat

    So a while ago I got my hands on a SUPER LOW mileage 35th that has been stored for most of it's life. I just got done taking it for a nice long ride to check it out. I have been waiting to do this for a while due to the fact that it has rained EVERY day for over a week and a half. If it was not raining, it was going to do with the skys just begging to dump..
    So now on to the Ford part.. I did buy a 1990 sc new back a million years ago and drove it for a lot of miles when I was younger, so I didn't remember how good they drove when new... So after taking a spin in this cream puff I got that feeling that we all fell in love with so many years ago... So tell me why Ford quite building cars that no only feel great to drive, but also can get out of their own way? Sure the SHO does a good job but it does not feel as good as this bird does. I do have one of them so I can compare both real well. Just had to post this as it makes you wonder....Rich
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    The MN12 was doomed from its launch. A billion dollar new platform that was over weight and over cost. Never was seen in the good by the big wigs...

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    I agree - a nice low miles stock SC is a very nice ride, even compared to modern machines.
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    I agree. The MN12 needs a lot of improvements, but it was just a car before it's time.

    I have a nearly stock daily driver with just some 235/50/18's on it. Still impressed with the handling and composure of this car. It doesn't ride too bad either with the 18's. Still remember the first time I drove our 90, it was like nothing I'd ever driven or ridden in before.
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    The stock '90 auto that I bought rides like a dream, even with bad tires. Much better ride than my black '94.............
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