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Thread: The journey from 1999 to 2018.

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    I lost count of how many different wheel choices you've had

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    I had lost count too till I dug up the pictures.

    The Voxx 5 spokes you see on the pic with the mesh front grille we’re stripped with chemicals and then I spent an entire winter sanding and polishing them.

    Superior scoundrel 17” the rears were tossed for the replica 9” wide ones.

    Then the deep dish craze started and I had to get me the HPRacing ones they were popular with the tuner crowd.

    Deep dish cobra Rs still my favorite gray ones. the chrome ones were good but I don’t have what it takes to polish them.

    Now the concave craze stance is here so had to be a little innovative.

    Name:  8968DEBA-D2A9-471E-AA99-AF063385C5B8.jpeg
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    Does look better than ever Rico. Love both hoods and the rear bumper - looks so natural I never realized that it was a hybrid!! I going to be the only 'stanced ride at the Shootout?
    Matt Haub
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    You and Neibert it seems. Is Tony going or Cris going they got them dubs.

    What hella flush bird you are bringing?

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