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Thread: Ported gains ?

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    Ported gains ?

    So I'm porting my heads and intake ...the best I can...and noticed. The intake is brutal restrictive ,like the runners are small compared to the gasket? Should I port match the gasket? Seems like a ~~~~ load of material to remove. Is this normal. Also I'm sure it's been asked a million times but what's the gains on some heavy ported heads and intake . I'm also porting the SC inlet outlet and running a 90mm lightning maf 5.4 f150 modified TB I'm thinking 74 75 mm . Lots of air flow compared to stock. Is it worth the work? I've heard that it makes maybe 15 HP.

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    Someone has to have something ?

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    There is alot more to porting the heads than just the gasket area. I don't recomend touching them unless you know what you are doing. You can actually make it have less power! Don't ask me how I know..... Leave the head porting to the profesionals!!
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    I've ported lots of heads before never had issues. Does anyone have any experience with ported stuff??

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    General consensus is you will see minimal gains/ROI. There simply isn't enough material in the stock intake manifold to work with. Other than perhaps converting to a later model splitport manifold, it seems better to focus on TB, plenum, heads and exhaust, instead.

    Searching, rather than begging/waiting will reveal several threads on the topics intake/heads/exhaust porting - example:

    Good luck.
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    Although I have no comparisons or flow numbers, I feel like my first home-porting job on SC heads was a success. I cleaned up the combustion chambers, partially unshrouded the valves, gasket matched the intake runners (but didn't touched the exhaust runners, valves, or bowls) and put down 301rwhp with a Magnuson S-Port with a mild cam and supporting mods. This pull included a little belt slip (@10% OD, if I recall) and a beginner's attempt at tuning. I ran 13.1s 1/4mi with this setup. Later upgraded to E85 and an MPx and ran 12.5s without touching the heads in 7 years of driving/racing.

    Anyways, I say give it a try, just don't expect to or try to break any records with flow testing.
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    Thanks for the replies!. Yeah I guess I'm just going to send it.i wonder what gains is to be had by converting to split port?. I'm pretty good at fabrication and making intakes. Would mind giving it a try.

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