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Thread: good spark plugs and wires?

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    good spark plugs and wires?

    First post. I just bought 1991 SC with 15k miles. I quess I need some help here. there is a miss cylinder 5. I pulled plug and was wet so believe getting fuel. I pulled wire at coil has spark. So maybe back wire. Will investigate. I feel I should start with basics, oil change, spark plugs, wires. What are some good wire and plug options?
    Also looked underneath and have straight pipes from manifolds back to Ford mufflers. There is something loose inside of the mufflers. So I would like to know more on the issue of removing catalytic converters... And if I replace mufflers should I go stock or something else.
    Beginner here wanting to give this low mileage SC some love, TLC.

    Thanks for any help

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    Welcome to the forum! Can't go wrong with Motorcraft wires/plugs. Other options of course. Comes down to your budget on exhaust. Search tool is your friend. Any questions just ask.

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    Ilike the Autolite professional wires and the autolite double platinums are good too.
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