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Thread: adjusting TPS position (85mm tb)

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    adjusting TPS position (85mm tb)

    I know the topic of adjusting the TPS has been thoroughly beat to death, but my issue is slightly different. I recently installed Magnum Powers 85mm throttle body and cannot get my TPS oriented to read the correct voltage when the throttle body is closed. I bored out the screw holes in the TPS, but all that wiggle room only got me from about 0.2v to 0.4v...I still have a long way to go and I don't believe I have enough material in the TPS bolt holes to widen them out to where it will read 0.95v.

    Can I somehow re-index the throttle body shaft? The shaft looks to be welded to the throttle cable bracket and I don't believe you can adjust the angle of the throttle blade inside the throttle body? Maybe the shaft was welded to the throttle cable bracket at slightly the wrong angle?

    Maybe there is a different type of TPS I could try?

    My last resort would be to put some type of small shims between the throttle body shaft and the inside of the TPS to clock it enough to get in the right voltage range.

    Anyone have ideas on what to do?

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    i had the same issue with my 85mm TB and had to just keep reaming out the holes till it finally was at the right voltage. Mine was was so far off it was on the other side of 0 to start with.
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    I went full-on redneck engineering on this.

    I snipped some small sections of a thin zip-tie and then used some Permatex Right Stuff to adhere them to the two little ears inside the rotating part of the TPS...effectively making the ears thicker. This causes the TPS to be rotated slightly further when it interfaces with the throttle body shaft than what my slotted screw holes would allow, giving it a bit more pre-load and allowing me to get to the 0.95v range. I just hope those little pieces of zip-tie don't move around or fall out of place.

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