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Thread: 1989 SC - original owner

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    1989 SC - original owner

    Hello all.

    Sadly, I've gotten to the point where I have to let her go. No longer have space, and time is taking its toll...

    1989 SC - blue / blue, with leather interior; manual transmission, 94,500 miles

    Stopped using it as a daily driver around 2000, and it has been stored in various garages since, until last year. Made the horrible (shame on me) mistake of keeping it outside, and now paying the price. Went to start earlier this summer, and found the starter not working (whirring sound when attempting to start). Prior to this year, car was running very smoothly. Only known issue (other than starter) is the auto-adjusting suspension (no longer operable), and emergency brake (again, shame on me) is stuck, due to being outside. Vehicle will need to be towed. Debated having towed and getting road-ready prior to sale, and determined better to sell to someone willing to do the work.

    Exterior has 'normal' SC issues - wrinkling plastic around side windows, yellow plastic showing through parts of bumper trim. Minor scratches on rear bumper from someone who bumped it in a parking lot many years ago.

    I am the original owner, and the car was meticulously cared for over the years - all required maintenance, and was run on synthetic oil its entire life. Original clutch and original brakes (definitely would address before driving at this point). Pains me to let it go, as I had hoped to be able to work on it someday with my sons, but facing reality at this point, and would like it to go to a good home.

    Located in Suffern NY, asking $1,000 OBO. Pictures attached...
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    If this is still available is there a phone number I can reach you at? I'm in newburgh, would love to buy the car. Jon 845-542-8525

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    Hello Jon. It is. I will call you directly.

    Thanks for your interest.

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    Sorry if I missed your call had a double shift yesterday and another one today from 2:30pm until 6:30 a.m tomorrow, then off for 3 days. If no answer can you shoot me a text so I have your number? Thanks! Jon

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