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Thread: 1995 Ford Thunderbird SC 5spd Manual

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    1995 Ford Thunderbird SC 5spd Manual

    I'm selling my 1995 Super Coupe.
    Car is not in running condition.

    5 speed manual. One original to the car and one with approximately 70k miles on it.
    Original 5 speed - synchros are rough
    Replacement tranny - shifts like butter but whines a little.
    New slave cylinder on both. Flywheel was resurfaced.
    Car has between 120k and 145k miles on it. Odometer does work but I haven't looked in a while.

    #6 connecting rod bearing went bad about 2 years ago. Sent the engine off to a machine shop for 6 weeks, took them 6 months. Lost interest. By the time I came back to it I found that it was messed up on crank clearances.

    Engine is original to the car. Had the block bored .020, new pistons, rings, etc. Crank was a reman. Heads were resurfaced. MLS head gaskets. Did not use ARP studs, used TTYL bolts. Top end is perfect. Bottom end was tight on assembly. Turns out it is .001 too tight. Total of .002 with clearance on main bearing clearances I believe. Everything else is perfect but I don't feel like screwing with it any more.

    The engine is assembled and on a stand still. Has not been ran at all. Everything is painted and clean. Has been oiled and covered.

    New fuel pump before it was parked.
    Exhaust is a single 3" or 3.5" after resonator
    Exhaust Manifolds have been opened up
    Supercharger was ported I believe
    Raised top on the supercharger
    Smaller pulley but don't remember which one exactly.
    Stock intercooler
    Have a regular supercharger top as well with all the stock couplings too.
    Egr was removed.
    Brakes are ceramic with drilled and slotted rotors.
    Have all the manuals for the car and they are included as well as all notes on assembly too.

    The dash has been replaced, center console is out of the car right now.
    B&M Short throw shifter
    Seats are bad. They work but leather is torn.
    All glass is in and all seals work.
    Most of the auto ride control equipment is missing.

    Have all the parts necessary for assembly.
    I have had this car apart numerous times and can vouch for the work I have done to it, but the owner before me just hot rodded the car all the time.

    Wheel bearings have been replaced, tie rod ends, shocks...

    Tires on it are not worth anything except testing. Wheels are american racing I believe.

    I don't know what to ask for it as there are so many extras that come with it. The car was pushing between 16 and 17 psi.

    Also, BHJ Balancer is included too.

    Really, the car drove extremely nice and was super fun and fast, but I have 3 other vehicles now, finished college, and will be moving with my fiance to a military base where this car will never be touched again.

    Shoot me texts at any time of the day.
    My name is Dustin.
    I have older pictures of the car in car shows and I can get current ones if you ask. Open for offers.

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    Located in Summitville Indiana

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    Price?? Pictures??
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    Would you sell the BHJ Balancer??
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