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Thread: This year's Shootout

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    This year's Shootout

    S0, this tear's shootout has come and gone last weekend. Tony and I made the trek with my car on the trailer.
    The drive there and back was un-eventful which is just what you want to say about a trip like that.
    The dyno competition was on Saturday and I was able to post 475 rwhp. That is more than I was expecting to see. Dave Neibert put down 490 hp so he got the prize.
    On Sunday at the track My first pass of the day was 11.279 at 122.895 mph. Next few passes I suffered an ignition problem that was shutting down the engine mid track.
    Turned out to be a coil pack failure at high revs. Dave Neibert was kind enough to provide me with his spare which solved the problem.
    I was pushed up into the Elite Street class by my time slip. Dave Neibert and I ran head to head for a best of three and I won that, and brought home the first place trophy.
    It gets better ... The track champ eliminations followed and I managed to take the title again this year.
    My best slip for the day was 11.247 at 121.8 mph.
    I guess you could say that I had a great weekend of racing.

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    I think anytime you can bring it home without something being broken is a bonus
    on top of your other weekend accomplishments.

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    Way to go Alan!
    Making woosh sounds since 2010!

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    I bet you didn't have any trouble getting the trophies through customs either!

    Great stuff Alan. everyone knows how long you've been chasing that car and its just great to see it finally pay off. AND you didn't break anything!

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    congrats, very impressive

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    Way to go Alan, good stuff.

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