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Thread: Future of the SC Shootout

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    Quote Originally Posted by pro street rich View Post
    First off I want to thank everyone for starting to get behind this plan. The big question I have is do we keep the name going or go with the mid west bash? I am open to either idea. Next thing is there a time of the year that works better for everyone? I think that if we stay in the fall we may want to move it up just a bit as it does get cold around here sooner. this morning it was 34 and SNOW was falling in some places.... Just want to get all this out there for everyone to please add their input.... So please chime in here please... One side note I do NOT go on face book to post as a rule so lets talk here. That will work best for me......Rich
    I was surprised to see what they consider the midwest I didnt think the cold north was considered mid anything but boy was I wrong.
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    shoot out

    Quote Originally Posted by davec73 View Post
    Its not in the midwest really so I would go with something else lol.
    I am fine with the name shoot out. I just want to keep this thing going. This is a great way for all of us to get together and spend some great time together....Rich
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