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Thread: Car wont run more then 2 seconds Please help!! Ready to give up!!

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    Exclamation Car wont run more then 2 seconds Please help!! Ready to give up!!

    My 1990 SC will startup and run at 1000 rpm then as it drops to idle speed it sputters and dies. I have had a mechanic look at it and he finally figured out that it is cutting the fuel injectors, He showed me with a noid light that while it is started for the 2 seconds it runs and the light will only sometimes flash I also listened to the injectors with a mechanics stethoscope and they click very intermittently sometimes not at all, I have replaced all of the following and no change.

    MAF, air temp sensor, CTS, fuel pump and filter, injectors, plugs and wires, coil pack, DIS module, cam sensor, IAC valve, throttle position sensor,both O2 sensors and more recently I replaced the crank sensor and lastly the computer and no change??? the mechanic also looked at the balancer and determined that is good.

    Please help!!! I am ready to give up on this car!!

    But I want to be able to keep it and get it going if I can but if I cant get it going im going to have to sell it I have poured so much time and money into it already.

    any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!
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    Good afternoon

    What prior work was done before this problem? Here are some suggestions to inspect.

    Check for supercharger and or intercooler air leaks:

    What is the fuel pump pressure? Key on Engine Off and Key on Engine On.

    Check grounds for evidence of corrosion corrosion and or security. Example are the engine harness ground located behind the driver side cylinder head. Battery negative ground at the radiator support and engine block.

    During start does the upshift light come on?

    Check wiring clearance between the supercharger belt and camshaft wiring for evidence of chaffing.

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    I know this may sound stupid, but are you sure that you have all the ignition wires in the right order?

    Remember cylinder 5 and 6 are swapped. See below. Triple check it !

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    This sounds like the typical failure of an aftermarket alarm or remote start system, especially if this started all on its own and not after some work was done.

    Also in regards to the injectors cutting out, injectors are not going to fire unless the engine is running, so that may not actually be your problem, but rather just normal that when the engine shuts off, the injectors do too. A simple test for this would be to start the engine with the MAT unplugged and the intake tube removed, and spray some starting fluid in once it is started. If you can keep it running with the starting fluid, then it is just a fueling issue, however if you canít, then something else is the cause.

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    I just remembered something

    I just remembered that I forgot to reconnect the ground behind the driver side cylinder head while changing the fuel injectors!!

    Would this cause the injectors to cut out???

    Sorry for confusion but the injectors were actually cutting out while the engine was started.

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