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Thread: Air filter dust shield

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    I'll take one please

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    Any word on these? I'm almost to the point that I need it. If we don't order soon then I'm probably out. I can just make one but if I can get one this way then it's going to be nicer than what I can make.

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    This looks like the list of folks that want one of these. My count is 9 parts, 10 if XB-70 wants 2 of em. I'll assume that unless we hear from jpmst22, he isn't doing anything with this. I have been wanting one of these for quite some time, and since I bought the cold air intake w/o the divider, I'm left looking for one now, and this looks like the best shot at us getting one of these. I will contact Charles at MP Products and see what he would like to do here.

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    9. chickencoupe
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    Good for 2


    Looks like it's 10. I am in for 2 of them if available. Just contact and let us know next move.

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