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Thread: Air filter dust shield

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    Quote Originally Posted by XR7 Dave View Post
    What would be really cool and would actually sell would be a molded plastic box that actually fits the inner fender
    You mean like the one that came with the SCs from the factory?

    I still have mine, but it's in a box. I have one of the metal ones you helped design (thanks!), painted to slow rusting. Neighbor asked the other day if the CAI helps...told him it lets me hear the supercharger spin up better, so...

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    3D printing could be an option for making the plastic boxes. If not the for the whole thing then maybe just the tricky parts and then combine it with some machined or sheet metal parts depending on the economics and design.

    Making a wooden mould could work too and be used with fibreglass, carbon fibre etc.

    Smooth-On makes lots of products for mould making and casting out a variety of materials including harder ones such as epoxies and resins. I've used some of their stuff at work for a few different things it works well.
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