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Thread: 85mm TB to 95mm TB--tune needed?

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    85mm TB to 95mm TB--tune needed?

    My car currently has an 85mm TB. I've had a 95mm TB sitting on a shelf for a year and haven't gotten around to installing it. Will installing it without a new tune cause problems?
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    theoretically it should not need it, because you did not change the maf or the injectors. In reality, if it flows allows the motor to flow more air, then you may reach a spot on the maf curve that was not tuned previously. I usually make the maf curve continue the same shape whether or not I ever reach those points (extrapolating). So my guess is that it will probably be OK, but I would monitor the air fuel at WOT to make sure. There may be some drivability differences if you are not able to get the new tb to bypass or "leak" air just like the previous one... but tuning the tb is pretty straight forward.

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